The Road to Freedom quest in Fallout 4 will introduce you to the Railroad faction. Paul Revere's House. The State House featured in Fallout 4 is the newer, currently functioning one. Massachusetts State House is a Location in Fallout 4. Old North Church. The fifth seal labeled 3L is located to the front of Old Corner Bookstore. Every landmark also has a circular marker on the … 6O is the fourth seal located at the Old State House from pre-War Boston’s perspective near Goodneighbor’s opening. The Old State House is a historic building in Boston, Massachusetts.Built in 1713, it was the seat of the Massachusetts General Court until 1798. Faneuil Hall. The Old State House has hosted the admission of Arkansas to the Union, a fatal knife fight between two sitting legislators, the Arkansas vote to secede from the United States and join the Confederacy, pioneering medical research into hookworm and malaria, and two acceptance speeches by the president of the United States. The flag dependency is not essential but strongly recommended for patriotic reasons :) For historic informations, I'll let my good friend Wikipedia [] tell you more about the place ! This is yet another case of re-location, but luckily this one didn’t burn down–the Old State House still stands over near Faniuel Hall, serving as the oldest surviving public building in the city and a historical museum for the Bostonian Society. The path will turn north where four feral ghouls lurk in or near the Old Granary Burying Grounds. Lovecraft to Henry David Thoreau, but … The tour of the Old State House is very interesting and you learn a lot about the American Revolution. 5R is the sixth seal is located at Faneuil Hall. A bloody drag mark points to the Massachusetts State House where another ground placard displays a red "4" and points to an "L." From there, backtrack; the brick trail will parallel your prior path, but on the opposite side of the street. Fallout 4 takes place in a post-apocalyptic future version of Boston, but it still has quite a few identifying marks that tie it to our time. Old Corner Bookstore. The third seal is labeled 2A and is located at the front opening of Old Granary burying ground. There are plenty of references to famous authors in Fallout 4 , from H.P. Modeled in concordance with my Fallout assets collection. But the big plus was that it didn’t cost anything for us as a … Fallout 4's Old State House. The Old State House is an infrastructure building located northwest of the Road Junction expansion territory. Fallout 4‘s nod to Edgar Allan Poe is easy to miss. Massachusetts State House Information It is located in the Boston Common section of the Greater Boston Neighborhoods zone. This quest can start in a number of ways, either through investigating the Park … Old State House. The same is true of Fallout 4, but the game also includes a surprising number of real places that you can actually visit, ... Goodneighbor, AKA The Old State House. The Old State House of Boston, To add some historic touch to your East-Coast themed cities.