I still remember that guy, I was really too influenced by him when I was split in two, he was probably my idol at that time, but now he's no longer one. Happy Reunification Day XD. He/She's the good in Europe; and the one who has reunited nearly all the European countries. United Kingdom France Russia USA Belgium Serbia Japan Portugal Italy (since 1915) 0 + Follow - Unfollow Posted on: Jan 17, 2021 . German Empire x Austria-Hungary did I really just put an OwO in the title? The Empire sought to put itself at equal standing with all the other nations in the world, and so naval spending increased. Fanfiction. Appearance The Chancellor of Germany gets 4 years each term, with them being the head of the government, they are actually elected by the parliament. Countryhumans German Empire / second reich. When will you pay the debts and end this farce? It had been from two things. [5]. German Empire Deutsches Kaiserreich Countryhumans oc German empire candle cat. He did this with little success though. Slavic Magic. The Holy Roman Empire (which was neither holy, nor Roman, nor Imperial) was one of the first inceptions of this type of Confederation of German States. Federal Republic of Germany Bundesrepublik Deutschland Within seven years Prussia won a war against Denmark, Austria, and France. So in June of 1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the Austrian Heir, was gunned down, and thus sparked World War 1. 1880 censusMajority:62.63% United Protestant(Lutheran, Reformed)Minorities:35.89% Roman Catholic 1.24% Jewish 0.17% Other Christian 0.07% Other 263m (863ft) Read more. He loves work but he also loves drinking beer, eats sausages (he has several sorts of differents sausages) and pretzels in general. It got worse when Germany lost to World War 1 with the Treaty of Versailles (imposed by the winners). Whether or not this makes him a good debater is up for debate , but it shows some of Imperial Germany’s traits: his firm, prideful beliefs that ground him, and his refusal (conscious or not) to truly understand and connect with others. view • edit. Official Languages: German Germany was extremely late to the game with most of its advances, nation state-building, and Colonizing. He is rather blunt. He's seen as a workaholic and it's hard to make him laugh. Flag Some fans ship Germany either with France, Russia, Poland or even Spain. He was a man of few friends, many enemies, and many more mistakes, which ultimately led to his downfall. While culture was a powerful unifier another problem had arisen, socialism. Why? {{Header|Welcome Hello, anonymous user! I never imagined that she would be my friend, but life always surprised us. Countryhumans country humans romania. German Empire leaned and kissed Austria-Hungary against the cheek. United States European Union France Spain Belgium Czech Republic Poland Portugal Greece (neutral) Italy Ireland Czech Republic NATO Netherlands Norway Slovakia Sweden Denmark Austria Hungary Japan Turkey (neutral) United Kingdom Philippines 1871-1918 80,636,124 (as of 2017)82 887 000 (as of 2018) ú_ù yeah, no- this defiantly didn't take 12+ hours, no-I started shipping this before it was cool and edgy, fight me tbh, ngl, but the German Empire is- *no, not today* let me educate the hell out of you (about trivia) don't draw the German Empire with a Reichtangle head! Even though this confederation of German states was the result of the backlash against French Revolutionary Ideals, there was still growth of the ideals throughout the Confederation. The Japanese Empire was a historical nation-state and great power. countryhumans German Empire countryhumans German Empire. Male DespicablePast Dec 1, 2019. Generally, when he shows care for others, it's pretty indirect, and seems to ultimately still be related to himself in some way. Germany, a democratic, federal, parliamentary republic, and also has a constitution emphasizing the protection of individual liberties. With a victory in Denmark, German interest was protected in the Jutland peninsula, with victory over Austria in the Austro-Prussian War the North German Confederation was formed with Prussia as its nominal leader and excluded Austria from its affairs, and finally victory in the Franco-Prussian War which ended in Alsace-Lorraine being ceded to the confederation. Enemies People respected him, mostly out of fear. Information European Union G4G7G20 NATOOEC After this Germany became the child of a divorced couple; being the USA and the USSR. 0. Germans associate the colors of the modern flag with freedom and unity since they were adopted by the first attempt in the united German republic. Now, we know that Countryhumans is based off of Countryballs, but none of these characters was ever portrayed in our fandom. : Italy fearing French aggression decided to join Austria and Germany and they formed the Triple Alliance. Add a photo to this gallery. view • edit . This would be the state of the German foreign policy until Bismarck’s resignation in 1890. Pictures. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Countries With A Population Above 10 Million, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), https://www.worldatlas.com/webimage/countrys/europe/germany/desymbols.htm, https://globaledge.msu.edu/countries/germany/government, https://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/en/country-files/germany/france-and-germany/, https://www.state.gov/u-s-relations-with-germany/, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/France%E2%80%93Germany_relations, https://ergebnisse.zensus2011.de/#dynTable:statUnit=PERSON;absRel=ANZAHL;ags=00;agsAxis=X;yAxis=RELIGION_AUSF, https://www.statista.com/statistics/455825/urbanization-in-germany/, https://countryhumans.fandom.com/wiki/Germany?oldid=72558. The Executive Branch consists of the federal president and the federal cabinet, the president gets a five-year term, and acts in a more ceremonial sense, they are the head of the state. 210 Favourites. Location In the north, the landscapes have many flatten plains that stretch to the North Sea. You Might Like . Though he is rough around the edges, Imperial Germany is trying to do what he believes to be the best for him and his people. Germany helps Malaysia in terms of economy. 5K Views. Telegram. Bismarck especially hated socialism, so he implemented an Anti-Socialist law in 1878, which banned Socialists from organizing and meeting. The recorded history of Germanic languages begins with their speakers' first contact with the Romans, in the 1st century BCE. 3.948 trillion USD (2018) CountryHumans Third Reich (3px Arm) Communism96. Also because he wants the country who has a debt to pay him quickly. Three powerful Empires were dismembered and forced to accept Democracies. And humans cannot bottle things up forever, a thing that Imperial Germany is notorious for attempting to do many times. 0. [4], After World War ll, Germany was divided into four areas controlled by four nations. Empire Of Brazil Hello, I'm going to talk about the Brazilian Empire, the Empire was the best moment that Brazil had, it was a time of great social, technological and military development, while all the countries of the American continent are republics, Brazil was the only empire, also known as "Empire … russianempire trade germanyempire countryhumans country_humans ariyamidai. One of the strongest current nations in the world. German empire. Weimar after him was killed by his brother Third Reich. His son whom he loves. - President Germany by the time of 1900 already had the best standing army in the world but they also had one of the most fastest-growing navies in the world. VK. While not completely finished, this takes some more significant edits before it can be Featured! Also, a lot of Germans moved to the USA centuries ago. Anthem is "Das Deutschlandlied", talking about the proudness of the country and the importance of unity, justice, and freedom (just like the motto).[2]. German Empire Countryhumans. WhatsApp. This is a book for all of you amazing people in the countryhuman fandom. In the 1880’s he sought to gain the worker’s support by implementing social benefits in their favor, such as accident and old-age insurance and some socialized medicine. Location He also has a lot of guilt and unresolved inner conflict from the war in general; like many other countries, the Great War plagues him until his inevitable death. German Empire He would spend his entire time as Chancellor of the German Empire diplomatically enforcing peace on the European Continent. Germany aids are also 2nd largest number of tourists visiting Malaysia. In my headcannon, Russian empire didn't betray German empire and still worked with him. His enemies cracked the German Enigma code, then he had to deal with another war on the African Front and a strong Russian winter, and he was soon was overwhelmed by the Allies in 1945. countryhumans countryhumans_second_reich countryhumans_german_empire. It doesn’t leave him the most liked or most successful in history, and it surely does not have him as a winner, either. France was outmatched by Germany’s allies, and could not lead a war against the young Empire. German belongs to the West Germanic group of the Indo-European language family, along with English, Frisian, and Dutch (Netherlandic, Flemish). The Reassurance Treaty of 1887 was signed so that Russia would not go to war in the Balkans. After that, they decided to try to get things better and since then it was the start of the Franco-German friendship which evolved into love. This confederation began in 962 (some consider the Carolingian Empire to be its first inception, but for Confederated purposes it doesn’t fall under this same sort of description.) Government While the growth of the navy was almost meaningless, due to the small bits of territory that Germany had gained, it caused a problem, that would later come back to bite Germany in the butt. The Second Reich may also be portrayed in the many uniforms used in the colonial era of the German Empire of it's many colonial troops such as the Schutztruppe. Anthem Bismarck’s greatest fear was a coalition between France and Russia or France and Austria, which would put enemies on two fronts of the Empire. Soviet O N I O N. Thank you for visiting MinecraftSkins.com - Skindex, the source for Minecraft skins Capital Female version: Note:this is a little-known version due to the fact that this country is mainly described as male. Friends Pictures. Relationships "I-Is this a joke?" With the recent disintegration of the Ottoman Empire, Russian and Austrian Interests could lead to a massive war. In the Weimar Republic, following the First World War, the colors black, red, and gold represented the colors of the centrist, republican and democratic political parties. 0. And though he’s not well known for it, Imperial Germany can still be protective (even overly possessive at times) and warm to those he genuinely cares about. Credit to Ech0chamber for the art. Female These tribes developed and became principalities in the Holy Roman Empire and they struggled to all cooperate for a long time until 1871 when they all finally came together to create the German Empire. Relationships belonging to the diot or diota "people"), originally used to distinguish the language of the common people from Latin and its Romance descendants. Capital – Germany's thoughts about United States. January 3, 1868 - May 3, 1947. He's not always boring because he loves to party. Bismarck’s foreign policy was more successful than his domestic policy. Polska. Demonym Countryhumans Cute Poland He cares deeply for his country and people, however, it is not so extreme to the point that he thinks others as inferior. People like to call him "Germoney" because he is very productive, and so make a lot of money. Please add to the contents of this page, but only images that pertain to the article. Read more. After the three major wars that he had led Prussia through before the Imperial Unification, he sought to lead the empire into years of peace. 8 0 0 *angry mustache man intensifies* ... CountryHumans German Empire (NOT Reichtangle) Communism96. He has a lot of guilt from not really being there for his son during and after WWI. Population Part of it may be to live up to traditional ideas of masculinity, or maybe he feels like he’s not supposed to feel because he’s a country too, or a mix of both. That lasted for a bit and became a goo- sized colonial power until 1914 when World War One broke out and the Empire then sided with the Central Powers. This, in turn, descends from Proto-Germanic *þiudiskaz "popular" (see also the Latinised form Theodiscus), derived from *þeudō, descended from Proto-Indo-European *tewtéh₂- "people", from which the word Teutons also originates. Japanese Empire. The german empire bragged and the Russian Empire rolled his eyes and smiled at you, taking you out of the german empire's arms "you I guess so" he says "haha! Countryhumans image German Empire. It was this way for a while before USSR along with several others finally allowed everyone to be free and Germany re-unified in 1990. King William I Hohenzollern of Prussia appointed Otto Von Bismarck as Minister-President of Prussia in 1862. Germany keeps reclaiming his money, so it's very strained. She has won 2 Black belts with both of them having white circles (The Best Kind of Belts anyone can have). All those problems that were between us have been solved and we really have good relationships, kind of tense sometimes, but overall better than they used to be back then. The English word Germany derives from the Latin Germania, which came into use after Julius Caesar adopted it for the peoples east of the Rhine. The current state of Germany is a very close ally to the United States in Europe, they are based on trade, friendships with diplomats, and having common institutions, leading them for close ties. National Day Oh, wait!. Berlin 10 . With USA intervening, Central Powers lost the battle. - Chancellor Third Reich then reigned terror in the name of his father... German Empire to this day has his name scarred by Third Reich. Bonjour je m’appelle FRANCE country humans. Countryhumans Polska. Owo Titanic in nutshell. German Russian empire is over protective and German empire is always sleepy. Currency Euro First, the Balkans were a powder keg. The German Empire has a sense of pride and nationalism that is extremely important to him. He likes to use them as a "test subject" for discovering new things. He's also represented with a military suit of commanders of Prussia. About 3 days ago . Coat of Arms But these days there is tense between the two. Winston Churchill said, lamenting the cause of World War 2, “This war would never have come unless, under American and modernizing pressure, we had driven the Habsburgs out of Austria and Hungary and the Hohenzollerns out of Germany. Unlike most empires, this was not done out of nationality but rather formed diplomatically. Germany is located in Central Europe, between Poland and the Netherlands. Religion 1 January 1958 Seeing how nationalistic and self-focused, perhaps even selfish, Imperial Germany is, he isn't good at expressing care for others. Prussia would grow to great power in this time period. Pictures. "I want you to be my boyfriend." With Bismarck at its helm, the Prussian state would win three decisive wars and become the leader of a new confederation. It’s not that he doesn’t necessarily care, he’s just bad at reading people and comforting them. The Relationship between the German Empire and the Third French Republic is linked to the phrase "Peace through strength". The animal that represents Germany is the Black Eagle (that you can also see on the coat of arms). Probably for its popularity. She leads the Karate Zombies. 0. German Empire, also called Second Reich, historical empire founded on January 18, 1871, in the wake of three short, successful wars by the North German state of Prussia. bruh MEME [CountryHumans - Austro-Hungary and German Empire] Bonjour je m'appelle FRANCE countryhumans. When we talk about our small continent, the first thing that comes to mind is my boy/girl, who I'm really proud of. Laiksa has a green flag with a red horizontal rhombus and a gold star in the middle. He's also represented with a military suit of commanders of Prussia. Regardless, he’s not a psychopath incapable of empathy or guilt whatsoever. On his head, he frequently wears a pickelhaube. Up until its formation, Germany had always found itself loosely combined in confederations at best. I'm to lazy to do the background, so bybxmdym qwq and lazy to color it properly~ but ... he's just called "reichtangle" instead of second reich or german empire~ and is a normally a square-Reply. With all of these victories, the German Princes proclaimed a German Empire. With the German Empire and her allies defeat in 1918 the Old World Died. Countryhumans Romania. Sometimes Russian empire would carry German empire to a bed where he could sleep. The Laiksan Socialist Empire (or just Laiksa) is an Empire located in Oceania, and is the last remaining Empire in modern society, though it has very few colonies. Japan Empire(F)Nazi(M)Germany(M)Japan(F)Do I have to write here "Turkey Countryhumans" for you to watch this?Why are doing this to me? 14.08.2020 - Erkunde Alina Mihajlovs Pinnwand „Countryhumans = German Empire“ auf Pinterest. Countryhumans Slavic magic America x poland x russia . When we talk about our small continent, the first thing that comes to mind is my boy/girl, who I'm really proud of. These days there are notable tensions between us. That’s not to say that the empire can’t be funny - Imperial Germany has a dry sense of humor that still manages to be provocative and often inappropriate to others, though most of the time, he makes jokes for himself rather than those around him. –Nobiscum deus He says and kisses your forehead then walked Downstairs "hey Russian Empire look I can dress kids better than you can!" Nazi Germany had a great start but ultimately forgot he was facing the British Air Force, French Resistance, and a lot of double agents (that originally worked for Nazi Germany but many got caught and turned against Nazi Germany instead). Read more. China England Northern Ireland Russia (neutral) Scotland (neutral) Switzerland (neutral) Wales They are most often adorned in Feldgrau (English: Field Grey) a greenish-gray color and it was the official color of basic military uniforms of the German army from the 1900s. Bismarck’s successor quickly abandoned his foreign policy. He appreciates honesty very much. CountryHumans,PolandBall by LifeIsntBeautiful. You were one of my best friends until you attacked Ukraine and took her son Crimea away from her, you shouldn't have done that, my old friend. The Motto is Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit 4 (Unity and justice and freedom). 1... 105 106 107... 224 Page 106 of 224. He/She's the good in Europe; and the one who has reunited nearly all the European countries. In 1958 they got their son/daughter the European Union, putting a lot of faith in him/her, so he could guarantee lasting peace and economic cohesion in Europe.[6]. Time zone The German term Deutschland, originally diutisciu land ("the German lands") is derived from Deutsch (compare Dutch), descended from Old High German diutisc "popular" (i.e. Pictures. CountryHumans. It has access to the North Sea and is surrounded by the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Poland, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, and Austria. The USA? … He hates to break the law and fight people. CountryHumans Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. It started in 1868 with the Meiji Restoration and ended with Japan's modern constitution after World War 2. Germany was split and became East and West Germany. This new empire was led by the Prussian state, due to it having the most population and land within the empire, and so the Prussian Kings became the German Emperors, the new Empire’s capital was moved to Berlin and Otto von Bismarck became the chancellor of this new Empire. He's target is mostly Israel. Oh, wait!. They became really close. Black symbolizes strength, courage and the great German past. Within seven years Prus… This is a gallery subpage for German Empire. He is in general very calm (when he is not partying). The Failings of Bismarck’s Successors and the Fall of the Empire. Prussia would grow to great power in this time period. EU accession date Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Historical information Central European Summer Time (GMT+2) Government He also loves ice hockey, football, basketball, and handball. Tumblr. In the south and central Germany, there are many forested hills and mountains. The German Empire was a country that was located in Central Europe and existed from 1871 to 1918. She is another form of Japan. Sometimes Imperial Germany cries, sometimes he screams, perhaps he’ll lash out to those he loves. My economic partner, has great tourist attractions so I usually visit them. Prussia is known to be provocative and an "annoyance" to most of his enemies. Russian empire and German empire are really close. Reichtangle (German: Reichteck) is the main antagonist from the Polandball comics. ← North German ConfederationKingdom of BavariaKingdom of WürttembergGrand Duchy of BadenGrand Duchy of Hesse German Empire said sternly. Within a seven-year span, Denmark, the Habsburg monarchy, and France had been vanquished. Countryhumans x reader (on hold?) Author: _xynsea_ Affiliation Succeeded by This particular fact has lead to some confusion among CH fans, leading to different ways of representing Reichtangle and German Empire: The Holy Roman Empire lasted until 1806, at the hands of the French Emperor Napoleon, forcing the Austrian Emperor to abdicate the Holy Roman throne. pictures, fandom, flags. Russian Empire x Male! Religion Just one wasn't enough, and Nazi Germany wanted to take over the world, get rid of both communism and capitalism, kill his enemies in the process, and replace it with fascism. Austria-Hungary was confused and was blushing madly. He's really into fighting climate change, he wants to protect the planet with the power of the bikes and recycling. Usually if he cares about others, he will tell them things such as stories of his own personal experiences and try to offer moral advice. CountryHumans Yugoslavia (Improved) Communism96. Largest city Historical information With Bismarck at its helm, the Prussian state would win three decisive wars and become the leader of a new confederation. #america #country #countryhumans #family … After Prussia defeated France in the Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871), the German Empire was born. Deutschlandlied Angela Merkel Federal parliamentarysemi-constitutional monarchy(1871–1916)Federal parliamentary semi-constitutional monarchy under a military dictatorship(1916–1918) But sometimes, he can’t show the best side of himself. 20 Comments. He also started to close his nuclear power station (but still buying electricity to his neighbors). Friends Alsace-Lorraine in the west was French and he took some time to integrate that population into the newly formed Empire. This is usually associated wit… Now we can't say that we're friends. Three of the areas merged into West Germany, which the United States started diplomatic relations with. "Do you love me." You were one of my best friends until you attacked. ... uhh, Who?. CountryHumans and CountryBalls by SparkleBerryPie050. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. One of their current priorities is keeping peace in the Balkans and Africa in general. Song not mine Song:Demi lovato cool for the summer Like and subscribe for more videos feed the Channel to give me reason to still be here Have a nice Day #countryhumans … Twitter. German Empire has a thing for "selective groups" where he organized different types of race, religion and dysfunction humans. Official Languages: German CountryHumans Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. They both wanted to reunite, but USSR wouldn't let them live a happy life as one capitalist country. So far Germany hasn't had any big problems except for recently Article 13 (and he can no longer make his German memes). It's very complicated between these two since Greece has a lot of debt to pay but can't because of his crisis. Either way, despite all his pride, despite the entire charade to appear unbothered, Imperial Germany is a very lonely person. In one instance he attempted to convince the nations of Europe to gain some control over who would be elected Pope, though this failed, he eventually started to arrest Priests and Bishops. Motto Japan had issue with German intervention in China, England saw potential war for her colonies. Eventually, this league failed, due to Russian warmongering in the Balkans and with Turkey, so Germany and Austria formed the Dual alliance that would last until they lost World War 1. Common languages On top of Revolutionary ideals, there too was the economic call for German unity, which was led by certain high-level German credit unions. 41,058,792 (1871) 56,367,178 (1900) 64,925,993 (1910) One of Bismarck’s biggest worries in the early Empire was the Catholic population that made up about a third of the mostly protestant country and held a party majority of seats throughout the edges of the empire. October 3 ( German Unity Day) Many people draw him in a suit and glasses because he's well known for being a hard worker and smart/serious guy. View, comment, download and edit german empire Minecraft skins. . Japanese Empire is one of the bosses in the Adventures of Braydish Empire. Add photo . Berlin … Read Fem! Part of this is likely because Imperial Germany isn’t exactly an em-path. His mission to promote peace was so the empire could grow, but because of the German’s place in Europe (the direct center), he was forced to pay attention to two problem areas that could involve the Germans in a massive war. The Reassurance Treaty of 1887 was dropped, freeing up Russian influence in the Balkans, and forcing the Empire to cling more tightly to its alliance with Austria-Hungary. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The German Empire established The Central Powers with the Russian Empire and İtalian Empire but soon they both betrayed him, joining Allied Powers. I still remember that guy, I was really too influenced by him when I was split in two. ReddIt. Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit (Unity, Justice and Freedom). People may also add additonal shoulder straps, rank insignia, and color patches. Germany is the 2nd largest country by population ( 83M+ people as of 2020 ) and is the 7th largest country by land ( 356,959). So Bismarck was able to negotiate the Three Emperors League in 1873, made up of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Russian Empire. Currency Until 1873:Vereinsthaler, South German gulden, Bremen thaler, Hamburg mark, French francGerman gold mark,(1873–1914)German Papiermark(1914–1918) King William I Hohenzollern of Prussia appointed Otto Von Bismarck as Minister-President of Prussia in 1862. Dec 26, 2019 - Read JAPANESE EMPIRE from the story COUNTRYHUMANS GALLERY by PR1NCE_24 with 2,053 reads. – Germany's thoughts about European Union. cute South Korea x Japan. Communism96. 3 October 1990 (German reunification) He's always supporting him while other European members start to doubt him. Germany is a country in the East side of Europe and a member of the European Union. The German fans along with the Poles fans (sometimes the French fans) also criticize the community of the countryhumans because of the fame of Reichtangle and its whole existing, which they deem offensive to Germany. ... uhh, Who?. The next thing Bismarck worked on Domestically was unification, due to the recent win in wars, certain land had been won that wasn’t fully German, and thus Bismarck sought to “Germanize” these states. As Germany is a core member of G-7, G-20, NATO, and OSCE, they depend on each other for security and prosperity, German and American soldiers in NATO and the UN operations worldwide due in part to the joint training and capacity-building performed at U.S. military installations in Germany. In the east there was the strongly Polish population, in which he had hoped would eventually integrate into more German like people culturally. 1990 - present The USA? Bismarck’s work domestically within the empire would be work to unify and subdue any opposition. "Germ" is also a nickname that is sometimes used for Germany, but I don't think they like it much. Germany, since the fall of the Frankish Empire, had not been under unified leadership, unlike the French, or the English, or the Spanish, up until the formation of the German Empire under a single government in January of 1871. Austria-Hungary Ottoman Empire Bulgaria Italy (until 1915)