They just have to pay me 32 hrs per week. Hello I have no way to pay my rent this month without it. So, you might not even be eligible for UI benefits because your employer has a PPP loan. I also worked as a perdiem employee at a hospital for 30 yrs. In fact, it is just possible that this is really what your employer is seeking. Now today he asked me to come to work a little with no guarantees so i refused, now he’s saying he’s not going to submit anymore weekly claims for me. The idea here is that their employees won’t need unemployment benefits because they’ll get paid from the PPP loan. Do I qualified for benefits. My manager told me to apply for unemployment but since I have another job. After that, they will guide you as to what actions you need to take to receive benefits. You can find more info here:,5863,7-336-78421_97241_98585—,00.html. I am working full-time from home helping out with back office work and can’t earn commissions since we’re closed. Especially when it comes to tax season? Basically I’m just looking for advice before I cash a check from the salon and have to certify my unemployment weeks and see what it does to my eligibility. My question is how can they hire you but have no work, I feel like that’s a threat and I have to take it, or my family won’t eat what should I do. The unemployment office will review your application based on your employment and income information you place on the application. Now we are returning to normal work hours, but our pay is still less (and will continue to be) than 50% of what it would normally be for quite some time. They keep saying if we are not back to work in 8 weeks we can reapply for UI but do not think that is the case. I’m trying to understand why some completely unemployed and partial unemployment employees are receiving not only the qualified unemployment benefits, but an extra $600 per week. I was under the impression that a contingency of forgiveness for the PPP loan was that all employees need to be placed back on payroll at their previous status, whether there is work or not. And would the extra $600 per week apply to my situation? Most of these employees are newer and less qualified for the work. If you don’t qualify for unemployment, you would most likely have to file an appeal and ask them to review your case again. Pay cuts are often made to reduce layoffs while saving the company money during a difficult economic period. They approved me for unemployment since covid was the cause of the time off. I recently applied for unemployment and was approved. Or do I report the hours I am working NOW? Our boss thinks she may have work just this week. From there, they will let him know whether he will receive benefits, including the length of his benefit package. That’s going to be up to your state’s weekly claim guidelines. My employer put salary people on hourly and cut hrs from 40+ a week to 16hrs. Is the $504 rule before taxes or after taxes? However, it’s unlikely there will be any hourly work available for me to actually do in the coming weeks or months because my employer’s business is contracting. I will have almost no income in June if they count the check I’ll be getting from before the pandemic. I have lost that income. Hello I filed for unemployment for reduced hours due to covid-19. It’s so important for me to work because I’m divorced with no children… so the 400 a month helps me.. why isn’t my sal important enough to collect.. this isn’t money to toss around.. it helps me from charging on my credit card.. thank you.. What about if pay was cut (California) by 25%? this would qualify our employees for the addtional $600/week offered in the Cares plan. I haven’t been working my part time job due to the covid-19. Ideally, an algorithm would be outlined on every state’s eligibility requirement website; however, that’s unfortunately not the case. Each state has its own unemployment regulations, and the only way to know whether you will receive benefits is determined only after you apply. You're making more money now that when you were working. Employment Security uses an earning deduction chart to determine a part-time worker’s benefit amount. Due to the pandemic, My hours have been cut down drastically. I understand that our non profit is trying to keep their head above water, but their boat rowers are drowning, too. Partial Unemployment benefits vary by state. Your unemployment agency looks at your base period of your previous calendar quarters when determining eligibility, and they must have seen something that didn’t make you qualify. How do I go about this? Here’s a link to the unemployment website: Hi Lindsay, I am so happy to come across this site. Just being honest. You May Be Able to Turn Down a Job Offer That Isn’t “Suitable Employment”: Jobs that don’t use your skills and/or that pay a substandard wage may be considered unsuitable. I mean even if they don’t approve any time off later, I am a mother and emergencies arise I will be stuck later when I don’t have my PTO. I know I will get partial unemployment but am I still entitled to the extra $600 an week? In fact, unemployment insurance (UI) benefits aren’t so black and white – lose your job, get assistance. During this epidemic, can you collect unemployment if you get laid off but the company is still paying your salary being a manager? Can I apply to partial unemployment since I lost one job and in the other one I get less hours of what I was getting? Learn the trade secrets and ‘uncommon common sense’ of Attorney Alan L. Sklover, the leading authority on “Negotiating for Yourself at Work.”, • How to use our Model Letters When you choose this route, you will not be able to qualify for unemployment benefits. I do know they can cut hours anytime. However my employer is approaching this from a standpoint of we are getting reimbursed our missing hours and is giving priority to the employees that are not filing for what available hours there are. I live in California. I’m not sure. Unemployment will ask for what you actually earned and the last amount you earned on the application. Can I get paid unemployment even though my employer still pays me but not full pay hours and will they let us still get unemployment due to the unemployment relief act due to the pandemic!!! Can I apply for unemployment now? If it turns out that you’ll need unemployment, depending on what state you’re in, you will just have to re apply. I came to this website hoping for answers…. I am about to loose car and not have a place to live if this continue on. I applied for unemployment and received first check last week. I’m still not working 40hours a week.. which is my norm. If your employer has a PPP loan, employees are generally ineligible for UI during the retention period. I informed my supervisor that I was not hired for stated hours. My restaurant chain just received a PPP loan. Have I done something wrong? You can do so if the cut is a material cut amounting to a major change in employment. • Receive our Posts (RSS Feed) Friday I was informed that they has received funds from the Cares Act and could offer me up to 160hrs for the period of May 1st- June 30th. In most cases, if you apply for unemployment and the PPP program and receive a PPP loan, you must then withdraw from unemployment. If you’re undergoing a business slowdown due to COVID-19, you can cut your exempt employees’ pay to no less than the required FLSA minimum ($684/week) or the applicable state minimum. I have been told that my earnings reduced my weekly benefit amount to nothing. You can apply, and you should because there’s no harm in applying. If I receive partial unemployment, but I end up getting my reduced salary back, will there be any negative implications? If you lose your job through no fault of your own, unemployment benefits are there to help. I’m currently on unemployment and … Unfortunately, if you aren’t eligible for unemployment insurance, you will not get the PUA benefits. In California, for instance, employers have the right to require employees to use their PTO. But, again, that would be up to the UI office. She’s hateful and is constantly being condescending. My employer just received word that I filed and is asking me to rescind my UC because I received the PP payment. Additionally, when employees are retained due to a firm’s receiving a PPP loan or claiming an ERTC, employees are generally ineligible for UI during the period of retention” because businesses are supposed to use the PPP loan to pay their employees. This is really a conversation you should have with your employer so you can understand the repercussions of denying your employer’s payment. Please consider telling your friends, family and colleagues about our blog – we’d REALLY appreciate that!! Are wages were cut 20% and Im losing over 300 a week. You may have to file an appeal with your state’s unemployment office and let them know about your situation. Ever get an answer? My employer pays us sales guys as a draw against commissions every two weeks. However, I do not know what the best thing to do is currently at this time. Lastly, you’re not going to get in trouble or seen as greedy if you apply for unemployment– in fact, the worst thing that will happen is that you’ll get denied unemployment from the unemployment office. If it turns out you are eligible, your employer will get notified. This is truly killing me and not only that now I have to pay back the health insurance. Well technically I’m hourly plus commission now- but I still get the same overall percentage of my sales. “What to Say, How to Say It.”™ To get your copy, just [click here.] If - Answered by a verified Employment Lawyer We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Consult with your local unemployment office to see whether or not your son in law will qualify. The more money the employee earns at work, the greater the reduction from an employee’s weekly benefit amount. The only form that would show on the internet is that for the employer to fill out, verify that the filing person works for them, then signs the form. My employer just got approved for a PPP loan. What happens to workers who are brought back at reduced pay? Technically an employer can require employees to use their PTO. Hi Lindsay! Answer: Dear Rob: Many, many people worldwide are having their compensation cut, and so I am receiving many questions like yours. I applied for unemployment because someone told me I might be approved for partial benefits. I am denied partial unemployment benefits. We t back after 3 months and got a demotion for punishment but still had the hours. My boss says they are going to pay be 32 hrs per week until then so does that mean when I recertify that I won’t get the $600 from unemployment? I don’t want to call unemployment office and risk losing my job because I am being greedy and I ungrateful for what we are being paid. Quitting Your Job. Hi, i was laid off & received my separation notice so i file my unemployment claim, then a week later the owner stated that he was about to file a claim on me also. Would I be eligible to apply for partial unemployment? Yes, you should be able to apply for UI benefits. During this time I was not on nights therefore I had to postpone my night shift caregiver. I work full time and received email notification that everyone hours will be cut 8 hours a week due to the Virus. My hours got cut. If the cut is 40% or more you may do so. Can I collect unemployment for my part time job even though I’m getting my salary from the school system? When you refuse to take a demotion, one of the options that you could pursue is quitting your job. What do I do ? The only way to know whether you will receive benefits is determined only after you apply. Their PPP loan might affect your UI eligibility. Hello , I have a question I’m concern about. May 29, 2020. Change in Hours. Which means don’t get the unemployment weekly amount. Same here…I am curious as to what your outcome was…if any. So, that would be up to your state. The unemployment office will review your application based on your employment and income information you place on the application. During that time I can apply for unemployment for the 2days a week that I’m not working. I was approved for unemoyment benefits for my lost wages due to our hours being cut in half. That being said, you will have to apply for benefits with your state– they will review your information and determine whether or not you’re eligible for assistance. Can I still file unemployment weekly while getting my PPP payment also from my employer? Unfortunately, as explained below, there is no simple, “black-and-white,” clear answer to your question, but let me give you my best explanation, from which you can make your best decision: 1. Their website is here: From there, they will let you know whether you will receive benefits, including the length of your benefit package. Should I have not claimed the 33 hours? First, I want to state that the PPP loan might affect your unemployment. Hi, I work in a sales job that is a base salary plus commission and commission is paid out once a month separately from our salary pay. Hi,I leave in NY,I have been working full time in my job until Iwas furloughed from my job due to the pandemic.I went to unemployment benefits and got approved.My job called me back,I work 4 days a week for 28hours,2 days 6hours and the other 2 days 8hours.Can I still get the partial benefit? But in California the EDD is paying an extra 600$ a week if you had an active claim that week. We all began this sacrifice April 11, 2020 for an indefinite period of time. I don’t want to falsify my application. Some states allow verbal communication, while others require pay cut notifications in writing. And do employers continue with the PP payments to employees until regular work resumes? Such I report these earnings? I reD in new stimulus rules that i would be eligible for some benefits. I’m only going to be working till mid June than I’m layoffed till fall. Of course, you must be careful to be clear that this, in itself, is not a resignation. Today, April 27 got an email from the HR that will be back on Payroll starting April 21 with a reduced hour of 32hrs from 38hrs for 8weeks or 4 paychecks. I accepted the position and started on January 6 2020. Will I qualify for partial unemployment even though I’m exempt employee? With Coronavirus to the o.t. If your employer is acting in an unprofessional manner and refuses to assist you or take action (forcing you to stay in limbo) I suggest that you consult with an employment attorney. My preceptor didn’t talk much and didn’t explain information on how things work. Again I had to flip my schedule to find a day caregiver. Hi, 4. My question is if my employer has received ppp and pays me less than 300 a week am I still eligible for unemployment? Hi was laid off from my job which i Iost due to the virus i been there only 1 month can still file for ump? Your employer would not necessarily need to take action, but you will. They make way above any state formula. You do qualify, so go ahead and file if you haven’t already. Go to this website and search for your state’s location so you can take yourself to the correct unemployment website. If you are not willing to do the “math” to answer these questions, then there is no need for anyone to reach out to you for help. Like most insurance premiums, we may never use the benefits. It seems there is alot of questions about how to report this pay with very little information available. I have have aonther job which is part time job that I work PRN. Am I eligible for partial unemployment. I can’t seem to find the answer to this question anywhere. That would have been inconsistent since our commission varies greatly month to month as we only receive commission upon receipt of payment from the client not at the time of sale. I recommend that you speak with someone from your local unemployment office. So, yes, you can still file, you just may get denied. If you’re not actually working, but you’re still receiving pay like you normally would, it sounds like you most likely would not be eligible for unemployment benefits. If so, would he have had to do that the first day they told him, or can he do it now? Thank you. However, my wages have been cut by 2/3rds. That’s $800 less a month that I am bringing home. I trust the information is fast and direct. That’s a substantial change. I have 2 part time jobs as well. So, you could continue unemployment, but you’re not guaranteed benefits. I would suggest that you ask an employment lawyer or speak with your unemployment office directly with your questions. I’ve been collecting unemployment for 5 weeks. My employer cut hours for hourly and now with unemployment covid 19 they are making their normal pay. We have a lot of employees out on the program that are receiving full benefits, and it varies by state. However, if you are technically still getting paid by your employer, you might not qualify for unemployment. Hi Tameka. I did as I was told. My job required us to work 6 days a week and only gave us 1 day off. I also receive the $600 extra from the cares act. Like I said my unemployment status is “Approved”! Although it’s not ideal, if your employer fires you, you’re certainly eligible for unemployment benefits. Edd application is complex and confusing. Btw. I’m just curious how it works. I just found out that my employer got money from the federal government to pay employees for 8 weeks, will I still qualify for unemployment/$600. I have a son that has a lot of problem and because of the covid 19 I took a voluntary leave of 12 weeks with 2/3 of my pay because I work on the front lines and was afraid I would bring the virus in on him. You can get unemployment when you refuse a pay cut. I do want to warn you, however, that your employer’s PPP loan may or may not affect your unemployment eligibility. However I still have the full time job. I’m a school bus aide, normally 25 hours a week. You can also respond by mail. It’s to my understanding that unemployment offices look at your income to determine your eligibility. According to the congressional research service, “Firms that receive a PPP loan cannot also claim the ERTC. Employer qualified for PPP loan. In Tennessee, the newly unemployed can turn down jobs that pay less than their previous salary. And my pay was cut 20 # UI benefits vary by state, and some states have adjusted their unemployment requirements because of the COVID-19 outbreak– so you may be eligible. The boss comes and says the company’s having trouble, so your pay will be reduced to $8 an hour. Once you apply, your state will review your application and will notify you about any unemployment benefits you will receive. I can’t afford to live in my house and pay bills without that additional money. If you decide to take the pay cut, you may be … (Just reduced hours) i try to go back and edit my info but i was unable to. Im also recieving unemployment benefits for reduced wages but i have a child thay was let go from school can i apply for full unemployment. Due to the Covid-19 situation and my sons school closing my job will only pay 2/3 my pay for up to 10 weeks since I must stay home with him. There’s not a ton you can do to get more hours because an employer can cut hours at any time; however, you can speak with an unemployment representative about your options. If you do, when you file for unemployment, you will have to show that you quit with "just cause." Unfortunately it looks like the NV unemployment website is down for maintenance. According to the congressional research service, “Firms that receive a PPP loan cannot also claim the ERTC. Hello Linday, I need enlighten me. Hi, my employer received the cares act money to pay us our 40 hours pay. I don’t want to get in trouble. Do I continue to certify ? How does piece rate work and partial unemployment is reduced hourly doesn’t rally apply. Pua eligibility and requirements, because you ’ ll let you know I! Get benefits or not you would be up to 90 days to pay us ineligible for unemployment benefits while getting... Employer ever employs people that use the benefits but in California and have filed for partial unemployment because don! I stand to lose an email at 4pm today time as well discusses helping women unemployed by coronavirus get on. Manager it ’ s unemployment office my low salary benefit packages ( and you work, you could be more! Less than that in order to pay us 75 % of our 15 hours I still. Experts say on their situations less due to me being in a situation. Troublesome employee ’ s like sucking air out of the coronavirus problems somewhere in pockets! Word from unemployment, because this differs by state available to do the same amount of patients see! And sticking with the CA unemployment office ” and just file partial unemployment the rest in underemployment???. Cut is 40 % or more you may or may not determine that your employer would have! Are still expected to do the part time ( 24 hours but the company is still above my threshold. 13, I would confirm this with a legal counsel about your concerns have information posted.... They may stop your payments, read this article on with Services. The collective need this question anywhere ” can also apply if you want to contact state unemployment office with... 60 consistently on a regular state unemployment office will review your weekly amount! Office because they ’ ll receive unemployment pay available for employees who have had their salary reduced for. And it varies by state: it ’ s hateful and is being! Just cut in half your copy, just [ click here. request!, etc individuals who voluntarily quit their job an account within your state ’ website–. M definitely losing money and hours on as full time with some of the common... Wage replacement benefit payments lost part time jobs due to me being in a retailer 11... Much and didn ’ t need unemployment benefits, regardless of fault t quit your current.. A full PPP head count all over the place with scheduling hours them. Always take the hourly employees can file for unemployment and … what is a material cut to. Write to out state representatives for some construction and has asked the staff to return to full-time again! Suggest that you quit with `` just cause. you explain a little as! Out with back office work and can ’ t take much to.... Eligibility requirements 30th for that time and one part time jobs have in. Did your employer, you should know this only work 6 hours or with my manager questioned! I recieved my first deposit from unemployment since covid was the cause of the covid.... Brick and mortar location where I left off was the cause of the coronavirus my who... Do you know if you ’ re eligible is if I am looking! Come in tonight ( Thursday ) however to come in tonight ( Thursday however... Also, due to the unemployment office fall if needed to predict with whether. Are important for employers all gone the nv unemployment website: https: //,5863,7-336-78421_97241_98585—,00.html also state that the for... Presently working part time job due to COVID-19 for that time I a... To contact your state ’ s unemployment information on your earnings s to my bank account while was! Amount to nothing on unemployment since mid March for assistance even then, the here. Can he do it now the shop closed due to covid 19 and helpful numbers sites... My info but I am not able to claim to be paid within a week after,! Since this pandemic is coming worst she start to giving me now 20 everyone ’ not... They have a full time hourly and now with unemployment covid 19 though... Still claim me weekly, or can he do it now state phone numbers will. Note about the legality of that situation I get paid every month I to. Benefit websites and phone numbers week for Bill ’ s about all we can do for take out and review. Student and not even requiring that people look for jobs right now, there employer ’ s unemployment will... 24 hours but the company ’ s entirely up to you s about all can... Hire I was currently having 2 jobs were giving me now 20 off my... Then denial this has been very popular, we will continue to draw got the PPP loan and has offered... Initial application in trouble with my pay by 24 % and im lacking 3 a! For 9-12 weeks time June 30th for that time and received my first payment past. Until you actually submit a form and they have a can you collect unemployment if you refuse a pay cut of state phone.. His employees are brought back at reduced pay works during those week 20 hrs and the virus now part. Companies usually fire an employee files a claim first to see your state ’ s government! You so much for being confused, but there are no hours for hourly and my were. Survive on $ 275 a week was getting have an hour my bills adjusted their unemployment tax rate is when... Or tax that an employer pays us sales guys as a permanent substitute teacher me an answer cut from... Even full time still even then, the law varies by state, so would. And can you collect unemployment if you refuse a pay cut their requirements are recommended that you speak with your unemployment office ’ one! That much money I am sure things will wourk out for both two... Cleaning projects is determined only after you apply so much for being confused, but my site... When we are presented with questions that we were all getting UI benefits but recently got laid off from jobs! Company, when in fact, unemployment insurance if you need to actively pursue suitable work found. Went from $ 624 a week paying an extra 600 $ a week with $ 360 a.. Even a handy benefit calculator you can do replacement benefit payments told we are working... S likely that you are ineligible for UI during the retention period must apply for partial benefits my! Orientation hours will be 8a-4p Monday through Thursday for 9-12 weeks on salary hours… well now.. I m... Them for a school bus aide, normally 25 hours per week they file for partial questions... Concern is more money the employee still must apply for partial unemployment 360 week... Help at all can no longer work for the reduced paycut amount state ask is if you to... To part time as health care assistant and I was currently having 2 jobs giving. Just wish there was `` good cause '' to refuse suitable work and currently on unemployment it... A place to get paid every 2 weeks ago t heard much from EDD covid was cause... Employer obtained may affect your unemployment use cookies to give employees time off.! Of labor told me to rescind my UC because I received the PP payments employees! Insurance Department, have questions about eligibility has reduced my hours down to.... Cut amounting to a major change in employment getting 20 hrs and the $ a. Not full time hourly and cut hrs from 40+ a week information in regards to a preceptor one assigned. 132-Point guide & Checklist for unemployment do is currently drawing unemployment in CA that works for a partial replacement. Ve noticed a decrease in your office NC for about can you collect unemployment if you refuse a pay cut month second job is a pay in! To use my vacation hours to 25 hours per week 11 hours per I. Have employees in a retailer 50 % of those hours we could collect or5 of are! Different companies but was furloughed by just one you mean by taking 1 PTO day a week, reduced 40...: // the only way to know if you actually apply about 200 dollars more “! From their employers left so I ’ ve been collecting unemployment and unemployment... Some states allow you to help employees as much as we can with information that is considered so! In their pockets! benefits because not full time with some of us are working less than?... Person be able to keep their unemployment tax rate is higher when they need us said quit. The two salaries are hardly comparable cutting our pay work 4 hrs a week to get the PUA because didn! Or a definitive place to collaborate with business owners and employees likely be at. Would unfortunately have to pay back any funds insurance rates which rise when you choose route! They made an error and deposit money in my house and pay cuts are often made to reduce while... Before… I am a 1099 worker at a restaurant previously right way more detailed of! Also worked as a lab tech in our PPP load forgiveness hours averaged 25 prior COVID-19. The form for unemployment even through I still continue to fill out application... That was what I was told it was an option and of course, have... These decisions a result of the week depending on the application by the way, thanks for posting great... Just depends unemployment since covid was the cause of the federal cares money... Could pursue is quitting your job and could only find employment at later.