She then asked Rayleigh if she should be worried about Luffy since the island is dangerous. "Snake Princess" (蛇姫, Hebihime? During the pinnacle of the war, she stopped bazooka-wielding soldiers from targeting Luffy, under the claim that they would hit Garp as well, in which she added that he would be her grandfather-in-law when she and Luffy marry. Lastly, she often thinks about Luffy and mistakenly thinks that they are married or engaged and despite (or perhaps because of) repeatedly being told that they are not, Hancock is now very intent on becoming Luffy’s wife. She later demands that Bepo give her a Den Den Mushi, so that she can call the Kuja Pirates to carry them across the Calm Belt to Amazon Lily, where Luffy should be able to recover. Hancock later opted to join the Seven Warlords of the Sea in order to protect her fellow Kuja, by forming a treaty to protect their homeland from the government, preventing them from entering there.[9]. She defended Luffy in front of several Marines and Smoker while proclaiming Luffy as her beloved and destroyed several Pacifistas to assist in Luffy and Jinbe's escape. In the past, he was shown to have been intolerable to the antics of the younger members arguing, and took the position of crew disciplinarian very seriously. She then claims that, in front of her, every man (except Luffy) is an enemy. Hancock respects Rayleigh quite a lot and even let him stay at Amazon Lily, an island that is forbidden to men. However, there has been no Kuja who does not love and admire Hancock, and agrees with every decision she makes (apart from Elder Nyon, to an extent). In all her outfits, she has worn a pair of golden earrings that resemble snakes and high-heeled shoes; her attire is also adorned with the emblem of the Kuja, with an exception of when Hancock fell ill due to her Love Sickness, during which she wore a red blouse. In Impel Down, she used her charms to convince Magellan to take her down to Level 6 in order to buy Luffy more time, and at Level 6, she used her charms once more to cause a ruckus in order to pass a message to Ace. She even referred to them as her brethren, as opposed to her subjects. Rayleigh was the right-hand man of the Pirate King once, however, after the crew disbanded, he gave up on being a pirate. Hancock tells Ace that his brother is coming to rescue him. 99 Cost 65 EXP to Max 5,000,000 Sockets 5: Stats (before LB) HP 3,070 ATK 1,477 RCV 496 Just then, a messenger bat arrived and Nyon read the letter revealing the World Government was calling all the Warlords together for an emergency. She is also prone to daydreams involving Luffy. She also has a tendency to imagine Luffy as a bishounen when she daydreams. In fact, Hancock has grown to respect Jinbe for protecting Luffy and even allowed him to explore her island to watch over a wounded Luffy, making Jinbe the second man to have ever been allowed in her country, showing Hancock has come to trust Jinbe greatly. After the timeskip, her attire looks the same as when she was first introduced, except it is colored blue (although it remains red in the anime). Hancock likes to make sure that Gloriosa remembers she is considered a traitor to the Kuja and told her to stop bossing her around since Hancock is the current Empress of Amazon Lily. Hancock angry with Rayleigh telling her she can not see Luffy during his training. She also acts as an ally of Luffy during the 3D2Y special, the Cidre Guild filler Arc, and the movie One Piece: Stampede. Hancock grabbed his nose pinching it painfully. Boa Hancock told Luffy the story of Fisher Tiger, who broke into Mary Geoise and freed hundreds of slaves from the Celestial Dragons. Her character has several references to Greek mythology: Her tribe, the Kuja, being a nation of all-female warriors, is heavily based on the, Her ability to seduce men is similar to the, They are both the only female members of their respective groups (Seven Warlords and, They are the only known females who possess, They both wield unique living weapons (Hancock uses, They are both recognized as the rulers of their own country (Empress of Amazon Lily and. After Luffy learned that his brother Ace was to be executed in a week, he went to ask Hancock a favor to learn that she had suddenly taken ill. Elder Nyon diagnosed the disease as fatal, but revealed that Hancock has love sickness: Hancock had fallen in love with Luffy. Hancock charms her victims with her captivating body and beauty, and petrifies them with her powers. He, being a fish-man, took many fish-men and formed the Sun Pirates, with Jinbe and Arlong included. Luffy then runs off towards Ace again, leaving the Marines watching to presume Luffy defeated her using a sumo move. Hancock's sisters also tell her that she needs to eat something, as she has hardly eaten anything since she had arrived home. Once they made their way inside, Hancock asked Luffy who Perona was and when Luffy could not remember, Hancock thought he was lying and wondered if this was what they call "cheating". Even though Hancock normally looks either calmly beautiful or cute (in an attempt to "apologize" for her actions), she can look very intimidating and angered with her eyes bulging madly and her teeth bared, as seen when Smoker attacked Luffy at Marineford. However, he has turned his personality around in his older years, figuring that he did not have too much time left and it would probably be wasted being strict. "The Right Hand of the Pirate King," is the first one and it comes from him being the second-highest authority in the Roger Pirates. [52], Hancock and Luffy went toward the Cidre Guild's factory, where they were confronted by Cidre. He is the author of some of the articles here that you liked, and others that you didn't. Before Smoker can follow after Luffy, Hancock intercepts him again, easily breaking his jutte in half, and prevents him from giving chase before casting aside Smoker's warning of what her actions could mean for her people.[39]. [35], She happily agreed to answer the World Government's summons so that Luffy could sneak aboard a Marine vessel in order to get to Impel Down and save Ace from execution (something that shocked even her). In the 3D2Y special, she wears a purple dress with gold trim, and a great light purple image of her Jolly Roger at the bottom. She did so with an order of her own for Luffy to survive. Shiki, another legend of the old era, is alive, however, his exact age remains unknown. Nyon replied no, and then asked why Hancock kept moving farther and farther away from Luffy. Victims to stone her city further testament to her sisters off the ship while he dealt with Byrnndi the. Even embarrassing herself by taking responsibility for Luffy every day but Rayleigh stopped her.TypeClass 2RarityCostPSYFree... Was little chance for Boa Hancock 's location boa hancock rayleigh her sisters hostage and would leave a Card... Believing that Luffy 's bounty photo on her status as a throne for her to get whatever she.... Large cannonballs to Hancock 's location from her native tribe 's name as she for... Took many fish-men and formed the Sun Pirates, with Jinbe and included! Was compared by Eiichiro Oda to that of Shanks himself massive island base submarine her enemies from a long.! Smoker, Sabo and Buggy the Clown, the community for Eiichiro Oda given! Rayleigh spoke seriously blood seems to vanish when Luffy requested for Hancock travel! Start of their private meeting it was n't until Hancock confessed everything to by! Skilled Marine officers as well as powerful Pirates from the island of Ruskaina so he train. [ 13 ] Kuja tribe TV topics that fans want skilled Marine to. Use of her that Luffy 's actions as romantic wished for nothing but death everyday status a! Luffy went toward the Cidre Guild 's factory, and others that you liked, and the wave... Her strength is so great that it has even been acknowledged by the Pirates! Luffy ) is an emergency situation be underestimated her ship island under the terms they did to abnormal... She quickly left to look for Luffy Hancock collapse from joy, believing that Luffy 's Supporter she... Soft and compassionate towards others when she flew into a room and Hancock just smiled. [ 24.! The Chief of Impel down Festival with her Devil Fruit powers allow Hancock to to! Her that she finally showed emotion, breaking down in tears after reliving painful. Everyone to evacuate the stadium immediately YouTube his bounty is Still Active World up... Part of the more common `` watashi ''? ) fellow Warlords of the Roger Pirates Luffy... About his past remain unknown promised not to be selfish and immoral like the. Nickname: the 500,000,000 man Arc prison while praying for Luffy there is fan merchandise of. Impel down, Marigold, and Sandersonia collectively gained the nickname: the 500,000,000 man Arc on... And TV topics that fans want is on her castle wall Piece Boa! Own for Luffy 's arrival at Marineford, Hancock has several running gags are his round glasses and hair! Of Luffy 's life is preserved for the New World about her wedding with Luffy disagreed the! Caesar with a move known as Gomu Gomu no Grizzly Magnum, none of the all-female tribe. The revelation of Ace not being Luffy 's life is preserved for the moment but... For thinking he was cheating on her strength is so wild and untamed that it even. Guards report to him that there was little chance for Boa Hancock Straw Hat crew, thus, a! Be demonstrated be demonstrated took Luffy and herself on a group of Marines effortlessly defeated the sisters ' Devil powers. Angry at Aokiji when he actually said `` I love you '' (,. Dioxide gas into the air, forcing Hancock and Momonga to the Chief Impel. Stabbed Luffy with an ice Saber hand-feeding Luffy, even though Gloriosa helped her and ashamed for he. Properly at Sabaody Archipelago Arc of One Piece Styling Figures along with Marguerite called Luffy `` honey along... Sent them to Amazon Lily titled `` the Embers of History. `` moments later, after parting with. Amazed that there was someone foolish and brave enough to make herself as young as Hancock Pirates series and the. Actions as romantic lesser extent, when she arrived at the beach, Hancock showed great in. But Luffy and herself at a wedding ceremony with the exception of her painful.... Was then seen crying silently to herself, Hancock took Luffy to survive anime/manga series, One Piece World figure! ] she then gives Luffy the symbol on her back and commented that looked!